Shimano Fest 2013

Shimano Fest 2013

Shimano Fest 2013 ( in Brazil)

In 2013 Shimano Latine America finally had an event already popular among the bicycle market and cycling community, but we needed to expand it to a greater public. We used Social media (Facebook and Twitter) to start a mass campaign using the slogan “Shimano Fest 2013: I’ll Go” where we shot pictures of fans, friends, athletes, opinion makers, etc. and posted on Facebook. Our Shimano Fest hot site also helped centralize the event information and disseminate its objectives and activities.

Finally, on September 7 and 8, we had everything we wished for: great sunny weather, people coming on bicycles from many different places, many families with kids, lots of athletes and happy faces. Shimano Fest 2013 involved Mountain Bike Short Track competition (Brazilian leg of Latin America circuit), the Zee Short Downhill competition; mechanics abilities contest, 1KM test-ride course with many different bicycle brands, big fishing area with activities and boat expo, kids entertainment and no-wheels lessons, workshops and more.

Shimano fest 2013 gathered around 9000 people and 55 expositors showing more than 100 cycling, fishing and sports brands. Our bike parking was overloaded with bikes, 2 cycling groups came by bike riding nearly 60Km and we collected 4 tons of nonperishable food donated by the visitors. Shimano Fest was shown on Globo TV and SBT TV (open channels) and ESPN and Woohoo channels (cable TV). We had lots o media coverage and now we are sure that Shimano Fest became one of the main cycling and fishing outdoor events in Latin America. Our challenge now is to decide if we maintain just one Fest in Brazil or we take the opportunity to have another event through the year in a different city.