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Reps for a Reason
Saturday 14 December 2013 - Black Mountain, ACT

Target Trek MTB rider, Brendan ‘Trekky’ Johnston, would like to raise awareness of testicular cancer, particularly in young men, and is keen to share his story with everyone. Brendan was initially diagnosed with testicular cancer, and through the diagnosis and treatment of his rhabdomyosarcoma he learnt a lot about testicular cancer, particularly that it affects young men. Brendan would like to express his thank to the Oncology Unit at the Canberra Hospital by raising money to support the critical work they do to save lives.
The challenge to climb the equivalent of Mt Everest, the world’s highest peak, from sea level in Black Mountain reps.

The Statistics

· Mt Everest, Nepal – Elevation 8848m above sea level

· Black Mountain, Canberra – Elevation 812m above sea level

· 235 metres vertical gain per rep = 38 Black Mountain climbs.

The Conditions

Trekky will attempt this record : for $10,000 in donations!!! And your support.

The Support
· Anyone will be able to complete one rep with Trekky by making a donation on the day.

· Anyone can ‘buy’ a lap from Brendan once he has completed 20 reps and ride it on his behalf - donation is $50 (take up a collection from your work mates!)