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Shimano R785 road hydraulic disc brake
SHIMANO is well known for their high quality hydraulic disc brakes in mountain biking. After intensive testing SHIMANO have launched a future direction in road braking: hydraulic disc brakes for on road usage with electronic Di2 shifting. The BR-R785 hydraulic disc brakes maintain high consistent braking performance regardless the weather conditions through innovative heat management and brake power that can be tuned to riding conditions, terrain, riders’ size and abilities. The hydraulic disc brake system encompasses completely redesigned dual control levers, road hydraulic disc brakes on Ultegra level, a new 140mm disc rotor and dedicated hubs and wheels.

SHIMANO’s hydraulic disc brakes have three advantages. Hydraulic disc brakes:
  • maintain braking performance on long descents through effective heat management;
  • have consistent braking performance in all weather conditions;
  • customizable braking performance for different riding conditions, terrain, riders’ size and ability.

Dual control lever
Despite the integration of a mineral oil reservoir in the lever SHIMANO’s engineers were able to develop a compact Di2 dual control lever (ST-R785) to create a comfortable and natural hand position for all day riding comfort. When descending with rim brakes riders use much power and energy to stop for a turn or even a hairpin. Hydraulic disc brakes have more stopping power and allow riders to brake more efficiently with less energy.

Heat management
SHIMANO equipped its hydraulic disc brakes with Ice technology. A technology that has been introduced at mountain bike groupsets like XTR and XT. Ice technology is a cooling technology for consistent performance. The clad rotor blade, which has a 3 layer-sandwich structure of stainless steel and aluminum, provides a better radiation performance that reduces the temperature approximately 100 degrees.

There are two FREEZA SM-RT99 rotor size options for customizable braking performance. 140mm as a standard and 160mm as an option for people who require more brake power. SHIMANO incorporated aluminum fins in the rotor for enhanced heat control. With an increased surface area for heat dispersion, the rotor achieves an additional 50 degrees reduction in heat. The effect of SHIMANO’s heat management is that the hydraulic disc brakes have no weight restrictions (in normal road usage).

Both rotors use a center lock disc mount. Center lock provides a quick and easy rotor installation and gives the bike a clean and compact design.

Since bikes have changed over the years products have become lighter and this is also the case for wheels. Braking on the rim surface of light weight wheels becomes more critical in wet conditions. Disc brakes offer the rider the same constant power and control and prevent wear to the rim.

Together with the hydraulic disc brakes SHIMANO introduced a compatible wheel set at Ultegra level. The WH-RX31. This is an 11-speed center lock compatible wheel set for road and cyclocross bikes. The wider rim (17C) is best matching newer wider tires.

Weight information
The total weight of the hydraulic disc brake system is 1,066 grams. The WH-RX31 wheel set weighs 1.795 grams.

Both are now available for order from your local dealer.