Instant Release for quick shifts: An upward motion of the main lever or activation of the secondary lever will release the cable, this has not changed. A click of the upper lever releases the cable, same as it always has. The difference is however that, now the cable is released immediately when the lever is depressed making shifting that much faster.

Technical Documents
  • Compact design, and ergonomic shaped brake lever
  • Multi-Release allows shifts of two gears.
  • Shifts multiple gears in either direction using the main lever or the secondary release lever.
  • Instant Release for quick shifts
  • SIS-SP41 outer casing system & coated stainless steel cable for super smooth shifting.
Model Number ST-M770
Shift Lever Type Dual Control Lever
Cassette Compatibility 9-speed
Front Shifting triple
Instant Release yes
Multi Release yes
2-way Release no
Optical Gear Display yes
Shift Cable Casing sealed SIS-SP41
Shift Cable stainless steel
Reach Adjuster yes
Cable Adjuster yes
Brake Compatibility V-Brake
Brake Lever Size 1.5-finger
SERVO WAVE Action Power Adjuster yes
Average Weight 454g