The new ULTEGRA, which features Shimano's proprietary as well as its latest cutting-edge technologies, was born to realize a smooth and aggressive road sport. The DCL, HOLLOWGLIDE outer chainring and the new construction ensure an advanced shifting performance.

Technical Documents
  • Dual SIS front index shifting
  • SG-X chainrings compatible
  • Wide outer and inner link
  • Optimum spring tension
  • 10% less spring tension than FD-6600 provides featherlight down shift and smooth shifter stroke.
  • Smooth shifting under heavy load at each rear position
  • Capacity: 16T (FD-6700), 22T (FD-6703)
  • Weight: 89g (FD-6700-F), 104g (FD-6700-B), 114g (FD-6703-F), 131g (FD-6703-B)
  • The image is FD-6703-F
Model Number FD-6703
FD Model Number
Cassette Compatibility
Top Gear Teeth 52T
Maximum Capacity 22T
Link Bushing
Spring Cover
Chain Stay Angle 63-66 degrees
Mounting Clamp Band / Brazed-On
Chain Line 45mm
Band Mount 28.6/31.8/34.9 mm
Band Material Aluminum/Painted
Outer Link Aluminum/Painted
Inner Link Aluminum/Painted
Chain Guide Steel/Pearl Bright
Average Weight