The new ULTEGRA, which features Shimano’s proprietary as well as its latest cutting-edge technologies, was born to realize a smooth and aggressive road sport. The DCL, HOLLOWGLIDE outer chainring and the new construction ensure an advanced shifting performance.

Technical Documents
  • RD-6700-GS
Model Number RD-6700-GS
Cassette Compatibility 10-speed
Maximum Sprocket 28T
Minimum Sprocket 11T
Maximum Front Difference 22T
Total Capacity 39T
Guide Pulley
Tension Pulley
Bracket Body Aluminum/Painted
Bracket Pivot Seal
Plate Body
Plate Pivot Seal
Outer Link Aluminum/Painted
Inner Link Aluminum/Painted
Link Pin Bushings fluorine coated(4)
Outer Plate Aluminum/Painted
Inner Plate Aluminum/Painted
Average Weight 199g