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New Shimano XTR Components and Wheels for Cross Country Racers
New Shimano XTR Components and Wheels Create New Performance Edge for Cross Country Racers

IRVINE, Calif. (April 20, 2013) – Continuing the Shimano XTR legacy as the industry’s original premium cross-country racing mountain bike component group, Shimano today introduced new lightweight XTR component and wheel additions that elevate the performance for elite cross country racers. For 2014, Shimano XTR M980 series will see the addition of new lighter weight hydraulic disc brake components, new drivetrain components including a lighter bottom bracket and more durable chain, as well as ultra-lightweight carbon tubular 29” mountain bike wheels.

The first mountain bike component range to have two separate complete groups – one for Race and one for Trail uses – Shimano XTR M980 introduced the Rider Tuned concept that allows riders to mix and match drivetrains, brake systems, wheels and pedals for the way they ride. For 2014, Shimano introduces new XTR Race products, specifically designed to reduce weight, increase efficiency and provide a winning edge for the world’s best cross country racers.

Lightest ever Shimano hydraulic disc brake system

Shimano debuts its lightest hydraulic disc brake system ever to the XTR line. Race rated to match the power and control of the M985 Race brake while dropping weight by 40g per wheel, the M987 disc brake will surpass rider expectations for a lightweight brake. Shimano engineers incorporated the use of a magnesium caliper and master cylinder construction in the new XTR BR-M987 to drop weight while maintaining system stiffness and control by properly managing heat. The new, lighter BL-M987 hydraulic disc brake lever lightens up thanks to carbon fiber lever blades and titanium fasteners. The BR-M987 caliper is compatible with ICE Technologies finned disc brake pads and the BL-M987 lever is I-spec compatible.
ICE Technologies advancements for cross country

The SM-RT99 finned ICE Technologies disc brake rotor initially used on the World Cup downhill circuit is now available at the XTR level. Improving the heat absorbing capacity compared to the RT98 disc rotor through the addition of aluminium cooling fins between each spider arm, SM-RT99 reduces heat by an additional 40 degrees. This new advanced ICE Technologies disc rotor in smaller 180/160/140mm sizes, utilizes an aluminium rotor spider to increase braking efficiency and the rotor blade has a mud-shedding design.
Lightweight, durable drivetrain additions

The new premium level SM-BB93/SM-BB94 mountain bike bottom bracket will be added in threaded and press-fit options that is lighter weight by 19 grams, offers lighter rotation and improved sealing for the toughest conditions.
For 2014, the new CN-M981 HG-X mountain bike chain uses Sil-Tec, an advanced surface plating technology to increase both performance and durability. Recently debuted in the Dura-Ace 9000 chain, Shimano Sil-Tec technology adds a low friction surface treatment that runs smoother and lasts longer. The new super narrow XTR CN-M981 HG-X chain with Sil-Tec better holds lubrication and sheds mud better than the previously unrivalled XTR CN-M980 chain.
Ultra-Lightweight XTR carbon tubular 29” wheels

Designed for and proven at World Cup and Olympic cross country mountain bike competitions, the new limited edition XTR WH-M980 carbon tubular 29” race wheels set a new industry benchmark for carbon 29” wheel performance. These race day 29” carbon tubular wheels accelerate and corner like nothing before, providing an instant advantage for those racers ready to climb their way to the podium. Featuring a super light weight full-carbon offset rim that tips the scales at an anorexic 280 grams and 28 spokes laced to a quick engagement freehub body (36/360 degree) for perfect traction, these wheels give away nothing. Available in 15mm front and 12mm or QR rear, WH-M980 wheels will be offered exclusively with Shimano’s splined CENTER LOCK rotor mounting for easy and quick installation. Wheel set weights are 1349 grams for the front 15mm/ rear 12mm axle wheel set and 1298 grams for the front 15mm/ quick release rear axle wheel set.