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Technical Documents
  • SG-S700-L
Model Number SG-S700
Series Alfine
Speeds 11-speed
Silent Clutch Yes
Gear Change Support Yes
Shifting Power Modulator Yes
Driving Efficiency High
Shifting Lever SL-S700
Coaster Brake -
Roller Brake Compatible -
Dust Cap for V-Brake
Disc Brake Rotor Mount Yes
Hub Shell Material
Hub Shell Finish
Gear Ratio Total Difference 409%
Gear Ratio 1 0.527
Gear Ratio 2 0.681
Gear Ratio 3 0.770
Gear Ratio 4 0.878
Gear Ratio 5 0.995
Gear Ratio 6 1.134
Gear Ratio 7 1.292
Gear Ratio 8 1.462
Gear Ratio 9 1.667
Gear Ratio 10 1.888
Gear Ratio 11 2.153
Axle Length 187mm
Over Locknut 135mm
Spoke Holes 32, 36H
Spoke Size #13, #14
Sprocket Options 18, 20, 21, 22, 23T (18T; for outward assembling only)
Chain Line 41.8mm
Cassette Joint SM-S700 (CJ-S700)
Average Weight
Flange Distance (mm)
Spoke Hole PCD (mm)
Flange Diameter (mm)
Flange Width (mm)
Sprocket Thickness (mm)
Chain Size
Shimano Recommended Chain
Dishing Distance (mm)
Shifting Switch
Motor Unit