Inter-3 with Disc Brake System

Technical Documents
  • Silent Clutch
  • Gear Change Support Mechanism
  • Shifting Power Modulator
  • Super Light Shifting
  • *Shifter and Rotor for illustration purposes only,items not included.
Model Number
Silent Clutch
Gear Change Support
Shifting Power Modulator
Driving Efficiency
Shifting Lever
Coaster Brake
Roller Brake Compatible
Dust Cap for V-Brake
Disc Brake Rotor Mount
Hub Shell Material
Hub Shell Finish
Gear Ratio Total Difference
Gear Ratio 1
Gear Ratio 2
Gear Ratio 3
Gear Ratio 4
Gear Ratio 5
Gear Ratio 6
Gear Ratio 7
Gear Ratio 8
Gear Ratio 9
Gear Ratio 10
Gear Ratio 11
Axle Length
Over Locknut
Spoke Holes
Spoke Size
Sprocket Options
Chain Line
Cassette Joint
Average Weight
Flange Distance (mm)
Spoke Hole PCD (mm)
Flange Diameter (mm)
Flange Width (mm)
Sprocket Thickness (mm)
Chain Size
Shimano Recommended Chain
Dishing Distance (mm)
Shifting Switch
Motor Unit