Precision: bearing durability in all conditions

For increased performance in real-world conditions, SHIMANO exclusively uses angular contact bearings, which better enable the hub to support lateral loading of the wheel.

At the DURA-ACE level, these high quality ball bearings and races, already ground to amazing precision are further laser-measured and matched.

Strength: Off-center rims mean more rear wheel strength
Off-center rim technology decreases spoke angle on cassette side,
enabling more even spoke tension and a stronger wheel.

Quality, durability and lightweight
There’s no question that SHIMANO builds wheels for the most performance-minded customers.
All DURA-ACE level wheels come with a 3-year warranty.


Dura-Ace Wheel Sets
WH-9000-C24-CL    WH-9000-C24-TL   
WH-9000-C35-CL    WH-9000-C35-TU   
WH-9000-C50-CL    WH-9000-C50-TU   
SHIMANO’s ACCELERATION wheel concept follows the original DURA-ACE guiding principle of delivering the most efficient drivetrain system for performance road racing and riding. The new, ultra-lightweight rim designs results in lower inertia while maintaining stiffness and rigidity for acceleration and speed.


Ultegra Wheel Sets
ULTEGRA Wheel Set features lightweight 10-Speed compatible alloy axles and freehub body with 16x20 straight pull stainless steel spokes.

Road Sport

Road Sport Wheel Sets
WH-RS81-C50-CL    WH-RS81-C35-CL   
WH-RS81-C24-CL    WH-RS61-TL   
WH-RS31    WH-RS21-CL-L   
WH-R501-30-S    WH-R501-A   
The new Road Sport series integrate the best technology of the race-proven DURA-ACE wheels but at economical price points. These wheels are great for training rides and/or use at the local races.

Disc Brake Wheels


WH-RX31    WH-RX05   
Durability, reliability and style. Ride in any weather conditions.