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While these rods were originally designed for drop shotting a technique not widely used in Australia, they have quickly become the rod of choice for Bass and Bream anglers alike. The actions are extra-fast, but the tips are light so the angler can impart a subtle action to the presentation without a lot of wasted motion, but many times you just let it sit there and get good results. It doesn’t take a hard hook-set to get the fish, but rather a quick “lift” of the rod. We design the tip extra soft so that the fish can mouth the bait without a lot of resistance from the rod, but the magnum taper allows the rod to load up so quickly that once you lift it, the fish is hooked. We make two different power ratings… one for light line and open water situations, which includes a GLX version, and one that’s slightly stiffer for deep-water and snaggy situations where you need a little more power to get the fish to the boat. For those anglers that prefer casting rods, we make two “fiber blend" models.

Item # Model Rod Length Handle Pieces Line Weight Lure Weight Action Power
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