What we mean by action and power

Rod action refers to the flex characteristics of a rod, varying from Slow to Extra-Fast. An Extra-Fast action rod flexes mainly at the tip. Slower (or softer) action rods flex throughout the entire length of the rod. Moderate action falls in between. We tailor the action of each of our rods to the particular fishing application for which they're designed, taking into account the preferred lure action, optimum casting range, fighting power, the feel of the rod, and countless other variables.
We rate the power of our rods on a scale of 00 to 8. This rating should give you an idea of how each rod in the series compares in terms of lifting, lighting and casting strength. Because each series is rated independently, a 2-power Spin Jig rod, for example, does not feel the same as a 2-power Steelhead rod. Another way to measure power is resistance to flex or how much each specific rod bends under a load. The 2-power rod flexes more easily than a 3-power and so on. Generally speaking, the heavier your choice of line and lure, the higher the power rating you'll need.
Power Zone
Never over-stress your rod in one spot. This often happens when setting the hook, playing a fish close to the boat or shore, or dead lifting a fish into the boat. Bending the tip at a severe angle in this manner transfers all the stress to a single area, potentially causing the blank to fail. Rods are designed to handle stress over the entire length of the blank and should be flexed with this in mind.