Crankbait Deep Flex Series

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Our Deep Flex (DF) crankbait rods are a totally new (2010) design that creates a much slower taper and softer flex. They are incredibly light and provide unbelievable sensitivity and lure control. The softer flex improves the lure’s action. The softer rod allows you to work the lure over or around the cover, the way it was designed to, which is far more attractive to the fish. Bass actually suck the lure in by flushing
a large amount of water through their gills, bringing the lure along with it. Rods with too fast an action can actually pull the bait away from the bass and not allow the natural “flow” to occur, resulting in short strikes, poor hook-ups and missed fish. Another advantage is that the softer action is very forgiving when the fish runs. Now it’s time to get excited. Crankbait anglers have never had it so good!

Item # Model Rod Length Handle Pieces Line Weight Lure Weight Action Power
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