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We've pushed the boundaries as far as we ever have with these rods. The first thing you’ll notice with these jig & worm rods is the action. They have a much faster taper which lowers your casting trajectory, providing more accuracy and far better line/lure control. Casting into tight spots or any small opening in heavy cover is one thing, but pulling an oversized largemouth out of that same pocket is quite another. This calls for moving the power zone up towards the tip, making the overall rod stiffer. We’ve managed to address this without adding any additional weight. Numerous field testers can attest to fishing all day long, hardly remembering holding a rod in their hands.

The GLX models add dynamic rod tapers and the unique new, lightweight Recoil® guide system. The result? An unbelievably sensitive, feather-light fishing instrument that gives you total confidence and improves your success immediately.

With the success and demand of the Jig & Worm Series rods we’re offering Jig & Worm MossyBack. Made with a special blend of graphite and designed with the same tapers giving them the same great actions. With Fuji® Alconite guides, these rods are available in the Jig & Worm, Carolina Rig, and Flipping Sticks.

The actions are very fast, enabling you to use a much shorter casting stroke that just loads and locks. Not having to wait for the rod to load results in more accuracy and repetition. The GLX models feature, super-lightweight, (nickel titanium alloy) RECOIL® line guides. These guides are extremely tough, flexible, and provide a noticeable reduction in overall rod weight.

The butt ends are made from a super durable composite cork.
Compared to traditional rubber ends, they are very quiet when bounced against a boat surface. And the rounded edge results in friendlier contact with the rib cage.

The core of the Jig & Worm Series is, well, what else… the “Jig & Worm” rods! We offer six MossyBack 6’8” models ranging from 2 to 4-power for pitching jigs and worms. Two longer, more versatile 7’1” models, ranging from 2 to 5-powers, that extend casting range and line control for deeper water.

Item # Model Rod Length Handle Pieces Line Weight Lure Weight Action Power
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