Walleye Rods

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Pike and walleye fishermen have one thing in common; fanaticism. One, focusing on the feel of every rock, weed and subtle strike; the other, accuracy to place every one of ten thousand casts precisely with the power to navigate heavy cover. Both our muskie and walleye ranges are engineered to perform for every specific application encountered in the pursuit of these elusive species. We offer twelve models of walleye rods, in both spin and cast, that cover every major technique – jigging, rigging, trolling, bottom bouncing, and cranking. One thing remains constant throughout the range – nowhere will you find a lighter, more advanced collection of rods made especially for walleye.
For pike hunters, there’s a short jerkbait rod for heavy cover, a jerkbait rod for open water, rods for every conceivable bucktail, and even a trolling rod for the big lakes and serious plug pullers. After all, if you score your day on follows and swirls and cast all week for one strike, at least you want to have an enjoyable rod to fish with.

Item # Model Rod Length Handle Pieces Line Weight Lure Weight Action Power
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