G. Loomis wins the title of Best Five–Weight Fly rod

The USA’s Yellowstone Angler recently tested 29 five-weight rods in another of its legendary “shootouts” with the G.Loomis NRX LP beating off the cream of the worlds competition, to earn the coveted title of ‘Best Five-Weight fly rod’.

Among the 29 fly rods tested, the NRX LP five-weight scored the very maximum or above in its performance at all tested distances along with a 20 out of 20 score for ‘Perfect Weight performance’ and 10 out of 10 in the ‘Fun to fish with & Got to have one’ category.

The NRX rod range established itself as a true top performer some years ago with G.Loomis being one of the first manufacturers to use high modulus carbon with the most advanced Silica Nano Matrix technology, winning it the 2010 EFTEX award ‘Best Fly Rod’. Now as if the NRX wasn’t good enough, this recent edition the LP (Light presentation) version just illustrates G.Loomis’s quest for even better.

The NRX range of 26 rods covers all aspects of Fly fishing from Still waters to Rivers, from Salmon Double Handers to Saltwater and that’s just part of a major rod range that ultimately remains a Fly Anglers dream.

“G. Loomis has an enviable pedigree for producing top quality fly and spinning rods.
Winning the Yellowstone Angler ‘Shootout’ in the five-weight category, clearly reinforces their position as one of leading rod makers in the world wide game market.”
George Anderson of The Yellowstone Angler wrote:

"If you are looking for that perfect 5-weight rod, this is it! Our new 2011 5-weight shootout winner, this rod swept all the performance categories and won accolades for our favorite 5 weight! This rod throws some of the tightest loops we've ever seen and is one of the most accurate dry fly rod ever made. If you need to blast a hopper out there 70 feet, this rod does it with ease! By utilizing a 3M resin, the G. Loomis NRX LP also performs spectacularly at all distances. We also found that this rod is one of the finest performing nymph fishing rods we've ever tested. We are convinced that you'll be as impressed with the Light Presentation as we are once you make your first cast. This is a rod that has raised the bar way, way up there, and it is going to take the other manufacturers a good while to catch up."