Roaringriver Greased Line GLX Two-Hand

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Over a century ago Jock Scott wrote of Greased Line fishing as performed by A.H.E. Wood to present a fly broadside to salmon to entice the fish to strike. Th is traditional form of Spey casting maintains a relatively fixed line length of 65-100 feet, allowing you to cover water without retrieving or lengthening line on each cast; keeping you less tired and more focused on your prize. Th ese powerful designs use the full bend of the rod, flexing through the mid-section when fully loaded. The Roaring River Greased Line series of two-hand rods offer the ultimate combination of power and grace in a rod and provide you perfect swing speed and fly control. "For Spey casts from 50 to 150 feet the Roaring River Greased Line two-hand rod series will truly allow you to fish the water “Fine and Far off ." - Steve Choate

Item # Model Handle Rod Length Line Weight Pieces Taper Power
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