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When the bass are cruising the shallow flats and shallow creek channels in the spring you need a bait that will stay in the strike zone as long as possible yet still have enough action to entice a strike. A good choice is the soft plastic jerkbait. Our “Senko” rods are designed to fish these baits effectively. The extra length creates more tip-speed to initiate the hook-set and increased casting distance which is really important since the most of these baits weigh next to nothing. It’s not such a problem with the Senko or the Yum Dinger because they are the heaviest of the soft jerkbaits, but with baits like the IShad, Clone Fry or Super Fluke, you need a rod with a tip that will give you the ability to make nice long casts so you can cover more water, along with enough power to set the hook. These rods have the right stuff!!

Item # Model Rod Length Handle Pieces Line Weight Lure Weight Action Power Price
11599-01 BSR852 MossyBack 7'1" C 1 6-12 1/8-3/8 Ex-Fast Medium $255.00
11591-01 BCR 864 MossyBack 7' 5" A 1 14 - 20 1/4 - 3/4 Fast Heavy $260.00
11590-01 BCR 893 MossyBack 7' 5" B 1 12 - 16 3/16 - 5/8 Ex-Fast Med-Heavy $265.00
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