GLX ShakyHead

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This is a great approach for getting results in lakes where the fish get a lot of pressure and have seen about every type of bait you can imagine. Shallow, deep, near cover or open water, the ShakyHead rig is highly effective when the going gets tough. It’s a unique style that requires a special rod action to impart a quiver into a finesse worm mounted on a jighead by subtly shaking the rod tip. It takes some practice, but it can really make a tough day special. There are three spinning models in the GLX Series with split-grip handles, a custom G.Loomis ultra-light reel seat and Fuji Titanium SIC guides & tip-top. When the fish are difficulty to catch, this will get their attention like no other technique! Bottom line... more fish in the boat at the end of the day!!

Item # Model Length Handle Pieces Line Weight Lure Weight Action Power Price
12137-01 GLX 821S SYR 6' 10" A 1 6 - 10 1/16 - 1/4 Ex-Fast Mag-Light $435.00
12138-01 GLX 822S SYR 6' 10" A 1 8 - 12 1/8 - 5/16 Ex-Fast Mag-Medium $435.00
12139-01 GLX 823S SYR 6' 10" A 1 8 - 14 3/16 - 5/8 Ex-Fast Mag-Heavy $435.00
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