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Most soft plastics are fished on the bottom because that’s where the food is, but there are times when something a little more subtle is required. Drop-shotting puts the bait up off the bottom, where the fish can see it. They just can’t stand to have it hang there, vibrating enticingly right in front of their nose. The rods we use for this technique are special in their own right. The actions are extra-fast, but the tips are light so the angler can impart a subtle wiggle to the bait without a lot of wasted motion. It doesn’t take a hard hook-set to get the fish, but rather a quick “lift” of the rod. We design the tip extra soft so that the fish can mouth the bait without a lot of resistance, but the magnum taper allows the rod to load up so quickly that once you lift it, the fish is hooked. Our IMX DropShot rods come in two power-ratings. One is light for light line in clear, open-water with a more powerful version for fishing around heavier cover and tree tops when the fish are suspended.

Item # Model Number Length Handle Style Pieces Line Weight Lure Weight Action Power Price
12320-01 IMX 820S DSR 6'10" H 1 4-8 1/8-3/8 Ex-Fast Mag-Light $295.00
12321-01 IMX 822S DSR 6' 10" H 1 6-12 3/16-1/2 Ex-Fast Mag-Medium $295.00
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