IMX Shakyhead

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The ShakyHead rig may not be the go-to tactic under normal conditions, but it’s highly effective when the going gets tough. It’s a unique style that requires a special rod action to impart a quiver into a small finesse worm mounted on a jighead by subtly shaking the rod tip. It’s kind of like drop-shotting right on the bottom. The rod has a little stiffer feel because the real flex starts about 4-inches from the tip-top, creating a unique action so you can shake the jig & worm combination without moving it a lot. When the fish are hugging the bottom in tight cover, this will get in their face like no other technique! IMX technology allows us to make a rod that has the perfect balance of power, light weight and sensitivity!

Item # Model Number Length Handle Style Pieces Line Weight Lure Weight Action Power Price
12361-01 IMX 822S SYR 6' 10" H 1 8-12 1/8-5/16 Ex-Fast Mag-Medium $295.00
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