IMX Spinnerbait

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A unique series of rods designed specifically for fishing spinnerbaits. Featuring extra-fast tips to help improve accuracy and lower the trajectory on your casts these rods cast easily, smoothly and with incredible accuracy. It makes sense to have a rod designed for each type of lure or technique. Spinnerbaits may be fished by more anglers than any other single bass lure. We think they deserve their own special action and overall design. Fish them and we’re confident that you’ll agree! The design makes them special, IMX makes them very light and very sensitive... a plus for any spinnerbait junkie!!

Item # Model Number Length Handle Style Pieces Line Weight Lure Weight Action Power Price
12323-01 IMX 812C SBR 6'9" E 1 10-17 3/8-1/2 Fast Medium $295.00
12324-01 IMX 813C SBR 6'9" E 1 12-20 1/2-3/4 Ex-Fast Med-Heavy $295.00
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