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Casting an umbrella rig is a little like casting a hunk of sage brush! It's awkward, cumbersome and hard to handle. The most difficult thing about fishing this rig is the cast! Swimbait rods, even the more powerful versions just don't cut it! We designed this rod specifically for fishing umbrella rigs. The tip is soft enough to load, yet stiff enough that it doesn't over-flex and create issues with line and reel. NRX makes it insanely light with sensitivity off the charts, allowing you to feel every change in the rig and how the baits are swimming. For positive control, overall strength and confidence, we recommend you fish braid with this rig. What the heck... if 3-5 hunks of wire and a handful of small swimbaits don't bother the bass, braided line certainly won't!

Item # Model Rod Length Pieces Line Weight Lure Weight Action Power Price
12297-01 NRX 916C UBR G 7'7" 1 Braid 50-80 3-8 Fast Ex-Heavy $650.00
12262-01 NRX 916C UBR 7'7" 1 Braid 50-80 3-8 Fast Ex-Heavy $650.00
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