GLX NativeRun Single-Hand

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It's the preparation - the pursuit - the prize that makes flyfishing for steelhead and salmon so totally consuming. Whether you're skating dries on big water for those super-aggressive summer steelies or probing the depths of a deep green Northwest river in early November for a big chromer King, it's that sudden rush that overwhelms you when the fly stops. It's all about long days on the river. It's long fly rods and long casts, hooking big, powerful fish that make quick, nerve-shattering runs. It's about fireside stories and comparing your day with that of your friend's. More importantly, it's sharing our passion for flyfishing along with an intimate understanding of what anglers expect in a fly rod that makes the creation of our Native Run Series even more satisfying. These rods are made to handle big water, big flies and big fish. They're powerful, smooth casting and beautiful to look at, not to mention how well they fish! They have graceful tapers cr