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A special family of high performance, extra-stiff, 9-foot, 4-piece GLX fly rods designed for demanding situations where distance and accuracy are essential to catch fish. These rods are great for long-line nymphing with split shot and a strike indicator. When the wind makes it all but impossible to cast a fly, this is the rod you want in your hands. It keeps you in control no matter how tough the conditions. Anglers, as well as their guides, will really appreciate the precise casts these rods will make when success is measured by your ability to hit a small pocket, only inches from the bank with one false cast from 50 or 60 feet, then pick up the entire line and punch it back out there to the next spot. It's a method used on a lot of big trout water. These rods are designed for aggressive casting, but because of the light tip, still have a nice feel for casting in close. They are not all-purpose rods, but then if you're one of those flyfishers looking for more horsepower, you've found them!

Item # Model Rod Length Handle Pieces Line Weight Taper Power Price
11704-01 FR 1084-4 Max GLX 9' A 4 4 Extra-Fast Extra-Stiff $670.00
11705-01 FR 1085-4 Max GLX 9' B 4 5 Extra-Fast Extra-Stiff $675.00
11706-01 FR 1086-4 Max GLX 9' B 4 6 Extra-Fast Extra-Stiff $680.00
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