PRO4x ShortStix

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These new specialty power rod are designed for stripers and bluefish with major input from avid fly anglers, Mark Sedotti and Ian Devlin up in the Northeast! The rods are noticeably shorter, quick loading and dramatically easier to cast. Because of the short length (7'6"), they are much lighter, but create exceptionally high line speeds and tight loops thanks to the new generation of “short head” fly lines like the Airflo Sniper, the Wulff Ambush and Scientific Anglers' Titan Taper. These new specialty fly rods are capable of achieving surprisingly long casts, even with large, bulky flies! They are designed for shallow wading, casting from the jetties or from a boat and they'll handle a number of different species like roosterfish, big snook and tarpon. There will be many freshwater applications for these rods, ranging from golden dorado to peacock bass & big pike to muskie. The size 8/9 and 9/10 have short, full wells grips and large fighting butt. The 10/11 and 11/12 have and integrated fighting grip with short full wells handle and large fighting butt.

Item # Model # Length Pieces Line Rating Grams/Grains Power Action Price
12436-01 PRO 4X 908/9-3 SS FR 7'6" 3 8/9 300-350 grains X-Fast X-Stiff $400.00
12437-01 PRO 4X 909/10-3 SS FR 7'6" 3 9/10 375-425 grains X-Fast X-Stiff $400.00
12438-01 PRO 4X 9010/11-3 SS FR 7'6" 3 10/11 425-475 grains X-Fast X-Stiff $425.00
12439-01 PRO 4X 9011/12-3 SS FR 7'6" 3 11/12 475-525 grains X-Fast X-Stiff $425.00
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