President's Message

Yozo Shimano

Advancing Further as a Value Creating Company

In this rapidly changing world, everyone is seeking a healthier and more enriched lifestyle. While it is important to accept changes proactively, we must also adhere to something basic, and something unchangeable, upon which we should create new value.

Shimano hopes to help realize such a wonderful lifestyle by offering bicycle components, fishing tackle, and rowing equipment. Taking advantage of our original technologies and a wealth of experience accumulated throughout Shimano’s long history, we are developing innovative products that go beyond the expectations of cyclists, anglers, and rowers.

We believe that our Captivating Products should feature not only exceptional quality and performance, but also a fascinating design that appeals to respective users’ sensitivities at first touch.

Imagine a cyclist, riding a steep hill in cold and crisp air, hearing nothing but the sound of one’s own breathing…

An angler, casting for the first time in the morning haze, while envisioning the first fish he will encounter on that day…

And rowers, feeling refreshed while their boat slides smoothly across the calm water surface.

To ensure that many more people are able to share such joyful moments, and to spread such lifestyles as part of a long-cherished culture, rather than a fad or a short-term trend, all employees of Shimano will continue to make down-to-earth efforts, taking pride in being Team Shimano members.

In March 2021, Shimano will celebrate its centennial.

From our founder, we have inherited an enthusiastic commitment to creating truly reliable products with an uncompromising attitude toward manufacturing quality.

Toward the centennial and onwards, Shimano will keep on advancing as a Value Creating Company, working towards the development of bicycle, fishing, and rowing culture by offering our Captivating Products.

Yozo Shimano
President, Shimano Inc.