2016/06/29Shimano Europe Donation for WarChild

To Establish Reliable Relations with Communities Donations and Relief Activities

Wednesday June 29th, Shimano Europe Group offered a donation of € 10.000,- to WarChild prior to the WarChild TV-show JIJ&IK. The donation will benefit the specific project Move Forward that WarChild has initiated the beginning of 2016. The goal of this project is to support refugee children that come to the Netherlands with more than "just" food and a safe place to stay. It aims to help in making the first step in learning how to cope with the chaos, uncertainty and traumatic experiences they encountered. WarChild will organize, based on proven methods, sport and leisure activities for children between the age of 6-18 on a predetermined moment in the week in various asylum centers in the Netherlands. With this project, children have something to look forward to, make friends and learn to trust.