2015/12/13Capybaras Bike Ride

Taking Care of the Environment Natural Environment

Shimano Latin America created the 'Pedal das Capivaras' in 2011 and have been organizing this event every year. For the 5th year Shimano promoted the Capybaras Bike Ride with the intention to create awareness for the Pinheiros River contamination. Capybara have inhabited in this river, so sometimes we could watch these. However, the river is becoming dirty, it decreased the number of capybara. Participants in this event pay participation fees, which are donated to the government/organization to clean the river. This year Shimano Latin America invited 50 participants: media, athletes, marketing professionals, etc. The group rode the bike through the cycle path near the river and one biologist gave explanations on the history and contamination of the river. Shimano Latin America commit with a better environment and quality of life for the population of São Paulo city.

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