Team Shimano’s Social Activities Policies

In line with the Guidelines for Social Activities, Team Shimano is committed to social activities to fulfill its mission: To promote health and happiness through the enjoyment of nature and the world around us. In these activities, Shimano places utmost priority on the following three items: Creating Exhilarating Joy, Taking Care of the Environment, and Building Confidence.

1.Creating Exhilarating Joy

2.Taking Care of the Environment

3.To Establish Reliable Relations with Communities

Team Shimano’s Social Activities Policies

In line with the Guidelines, We are committed to social activities.

1. Creating Exhilarating Joy - Shimano's cultural activity

Cultural activities that offer Enjoyment and Fun for everyone

Offering “captivating products”—that’s nothing other than broadening the enjoyment of cycling and fishing.
We believe that it is also an important part of our activities to convey to as many people as possible the fun and excitement of cycling and fishing and to offer an opportunity for people to enjoy these sports.
With this belief, we organize various cycling and fishing events to give people a chance to have fun and meet other people.

2. Taking Care of the Environment - Environmental activity

Cooperation in taking care of the natural, living and product-use environments

In addition to diligently pursuing technological improvement and innovation to reduce environmental impacts that could arise in the process of product manufacturing, we actively participate in field cleaning and environmental improvement activities.

3. To Establish Reliable Relations with Communities - Corporate citizenship activity

Collaboration with local communities as a corporate citizen

As a corporate citizen, Shimano seeks to maintain close contact with respective local communities and work together for mutual harmony and benefit.
To this end, Team Shimano companies in various parts of the world take an active role in community activities.