Fishing Tackle

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Seeking an Encounter with an Unknown Fish

Why do you like fishing? There will be thousands of answers to this question. Fish variety differs from season to season, and from region to region. People in different regions are likely to enjoy fishing in different ways.

Some people say that fishing is a sport, while others say it is a pastime. Still others say it is a science, while others say it is a means to instill themselves deep in the bosom of mother Nature. The presence of so many views indicates that fishing has deep meaning that allows various interpretations. No matter how you define fishing, it enriches anglers’ daily lives and makes them happy. Fishing has been a subject of many literary works, including fiction, documentaries, and scientific documents. To promote the existing fishing culture, and to create a new fishing culture, Shimano is committed to various activities to introduce the enjoyment of fishing.

Shimano TV, on our website, for instance, offers films that have been aired on TV, DVD programs, and original programs made for the website, so that viewers can access programs they are interested in at any time from anywhere.

Development of new fishing tackle of course entails technological development. At Shimano we have been committed to technological improvement in order to enhance basic performances and introduce innovative functions. We have found, however, that this approach is not sufficient. Instead of regarding fishing tackle as a mere tool to catch fish, we have begun to regard it as a tool to enjoy fishing. This new conception has led us to a higher stage of development, enabling us to create products that appeal to anglers’ sensitivity. In quest of a perfect visual image, grip feeling, and user comfort, we are now developing exciting equipment that truly enhances the enjoyment of fishing. In developing fishing tackle, Shimano deals with not just technologies, but also anglers’ sensitivity, and even their subconscious expectations.