To continuously maintain the initial performance of products,such as steady and quick gear-shifting performance and smooth rotation with weak force.
High-precision machining technology supports the fabrication of elaborate products.
High-precision crank gear fitting surfaces are indispensable for ensuring steady gear-shifting. Cassette sprockets are required to be more accurate as the number of speeds increases.
These high-precision bicycle parts are supported by Shimano’s sophisticated machining technology.
In the field of fishing tackle, this technology introduces a micro module mechanism that ensures smooth and soft reel handling.
Heat Treatment
For bicycle parts and fishing tackle, which are often used in harsh conditions, improved strength and abrasion resistance of the surface layer greatly contribute to retention of like-new performance.
Adding this quality to products is a process called heat treatment.
Heat treatment changes the nature of a material by heating or cooling, and provides the material with both hardness and flexibility, creating resilient, crack-resistant products.
Integration with Digital Technology
Integration of Shimano’s advanced metalworking technology with digital technology.
Digital technology helps Shimano’s products to operate more accurately at higher speeds.
Integration with digital technology expands the latent performance of Shimano’s products including not only DURA ACE, XTR, and other high quality racing components but also city bikes and fishing reels.