Aiming to Create a New Racing Line and Deliver the Latest Technologies to Many More Riders

Aiming to Create a New Racing Line and Deliver the Latest Technologies to Many More Riders

Inheriting the lineage of SHIMANO 600 series, SHIMANO 600 ULTEGRA appeared under a new concept in 1987. ULTEGRA is a coined word from ULTIMATE and INTEGRITY. The former is the concept of incorporating Shimano’s latest technologies and trends, and the latter is the concept of integrating the key racing functions and bringing them to perfection. Combining these two concepts created a new racing line for the new age. SHIMANO ULTEGRA offers state-of-the-art technologies trickled down from DURA-ACE and a variety of functions suitable for various riding styles with a design that further appeals to lovers of beauty.


Pursuing the Ideal Blend of State-of-the-Art Technologies and Assured Quality Fully in Touch with the Times

SHIMANO 600 continued to promote the enjoyment of cycling to a wide range of users for more than ten years as a components series next to DURA-ACE. With expectations of widening the appeal of the series, SHIMANO 600 ULTEGRA (6400 series) was born. Adopting a logo including the Shimano tricolor line, the 6400 series adopted a sophisticated design appealing to lovers of beauty while incorporating the proven functions for winning races of DURA-ACE. This series incorporated the Shimano Linear Response (SLR) braking system, which can produce great braking force with a light lever touch, Shimano Index System (SIS), in which an index system is incorporated into the shifting lever, and other latest technologies at that time, and in 1992, it incorporated the Dual Control Lever system, which was developed for DURA-ACE. In this way, the 6400 series helped many more riders enjoy technologies that were cultivated in the world of road racing to ride road bikes more safely.

In 1997, SHIMANO ULTEGRA (6500 series) appeared with the long-standing name “600” removed. Under the concept of “Spirit of the sport,” Shimano attempted to significantly upgrade the series from the conventional 600 ULTEGRA series.

In 2005, the 6600 series appeared. It adopted the Dual Control Lever system that was improved ergonomically and the HOLLOWTECH II crankset with hollow crank arms, evolving as a full-fledged racing components series. Furthermore, it included a cassette that offered the gear ratio required in the junior category, meeting the needs of junior category’s riders.

Continuing to Evolve as the Core Shimano Road Bike Components Series

In 2010, Shimano released the 6700 series, which evolved to be more racing oriented in terms of functions and design. While Shimano’s presence was growing in the road bike market, SHIMANO ULTEGRA became required to play a more important role as a full-fledged racing components series. In 2011, the 6770 series appeared incorporating a better version of the DI2 electric shifting system that was introduced in DURA-ACE. Making more compact connectors and wires connected to the E-tube Project system for DI2 shifting customization and failure diagnosis achieved smart and simple cable routing and improved workability when the system was built into the frame. After that, in the road bike market, carbon frames and lightweight components further evolved and Shimano was also required to make components ever lighter. SHIMANO ULTEGRA 6800 series, introduced in 2013, responded to such trends of the times. In 2017, the new series that had an all-new design appeared with the model number changed to R8000. In 2018, SHIMANO ULTEGRA RX for gravel road bikes was released.

SHIMANO ULTEGRA has continued to play a core role in Shimano road bike components series by offering extensive enjoyment of riding road bikes to many riders for almost half a century. Don’t miss the future evolution!


SHIMANO 600 ULTEGRA (6400 series)
The name “ULTEGRA” was given to the previous 600 series for the first time. It incorporated the then state-of-the-art technologies, including SLR, SIS and the BIOPACE non-circular gear based on ergonomics. Under the concept of “Pure performance,” the logo was accented with the Shimano tricolor line, creating a new image of racing. This series would further evolve with the Dual Control Lever system, the Dual-Pivot Caliper Brake and other technologies later added.
Under the concept of “Spirit of the sport,” SHIMANO ULTEGRA appeared without the previous family name “600.” Following the “stress free” concept that was embodied by DURA-ACE, this series achieved significant weight reduction and adopted the 9-speed cassette and triple-gear crankset. The organic design with delicacy and dynamism that embraced these individual specifications truly represented ULTEGRA, which was organically related to the riders’ state of mind. In 1998, the Flight Deck system, which made the cycle computer easier to use by building command buttons and gear position sensors in the Dual Control Lever system, was added to the lineup.
Inheriting the organic design of the 6500 series, the 6600 series featured smooth and ergonomic shapes and an active and highly innovative appearance under the design concept of “natural.” This series incorporated state-of-the-art functions trickled down from DURA-ACE, including ergonomic Dual Control Levers, HOLLOWTECH II cranksets and 10-speed cassette, while offering a cassette sprocket that provided the gear ratio required in the junior category (top gear: 13T to 16T), meeting the needs of junior riders. In 2008, SHIMANO ULTEGRA SL with a distinctive ice gray design, which achieved further weight reduction, was added.
Two color options of glossy gray and silver were offered. The crankset using the HOLLOWGLIDE outer chainring was adopted. In 2011, the DI2 electric shifting system version, 6770 series, appeared. It supported the E-tube Project, which enabled failure diagnosis and customization by connecting a PC, and improved workability and maintainability by making cables and connectors thinner and more compact.
SHIMANO ULTEGRA 6800 series / 6870 series
Achieved further weight reduction and improved rigidity. It was upgraded to an 11-speed drivetrain system. The four-arm crankset trickled down from DURA-ACE was adopted. A new direct mount-type brake was added to the lineup. In the DI2 version 6870 series, a switch for time trials and a satellite switch for sprints were introduced to meet the demands of full-fledged racers.
SHIMANO ULTEGRA R8000 / R8050 series
As disc brakes are becoming a new standard for road bikes, SHIMANO ULTEGRA adopted a lightweight and high-performance hydraulic disc brake system embodying ICE TECHNOLOGIES. Also, for the Dual Control Lever system, a small hand option is available. A wider-ratio cassette sprocket option is offered, meeting the needs of a broader range of users. The electric shifting system, which was becoming the standard in professional racing, has become more compact and lighter. It also supports D-FLY, which easily connects DI2 rider performance data with E-tube compatible cycle computers.