Culture of the Tricolor Project

In cultural programs of the Tricolor Project, there are three categories, each designed to “promote health and happiness through the enjoyment of nature and the world around us.”


Proposing a new lifestyle

The websites below suggest a healthy and enriched lifestyle through cycling and fishing.

  • Shimano Experience Center (the Netherlands) Shimano Experience Center (the Netherlands)

    Sharing the enjoyment of cycling, fishing, and rowing with many more people.


    Providing information on how to enjoy cycling and lifestyle with bicycle, OVE's events and the food served here.

  • Shimano Square

    Promoting cycling and fishing events and "RIDE & FISH", a lifestyle enjoying them at the same time.


Offering opportunities to enjoy cycling and fishing

To promote attractive features of cycling and fishing, Shimano offers opportunities to enjoy these activities not only to competitors but also to ordinary people.

  • Shimano Fest (Brasil) Shimano Fest (Brasil)

    Shimano Fest is a free bicycle festival, open to all audiences, with various activities and experiences that encourage plurality, unity and inclusion.

  • Shimano Suzuka Road

    One of Japan’s largest cycle sports events, held by Shimano.

  • Shimano Biker’s Festival

    One of Japan’s largest events featuring sports bikes, particularly mountain bikes.


Passing on cycling and fishing cultures to future generations

The websites below impart knowledge and information about the history of the bicycle and fishing, along with ways of enjoying cycling and fishing.

  • Shimano Cycling World (Singapore) Shimano Cycling World (Singapore)

    Developing cycling culture and promote the Shimano brand in Southeast Asia.

  • Shimano Bicycle Museum

    As Japan’s only registered museum dedicated to bicycles, the museum promotes attractive features of bicycles from diverse viewpoints.

  • Fishing Café

    This website imparts information on various topics related to fishing. It is named “Fishing Café” since it is designed to promote friendly conversations among anglers, just like those held at a café.