Shimano Tricolor Project


The tricolor line, symbolizing the land, the sky, and the sea, represents Shimano’s business domains and the worldview that it pursues.

On the centennial anniversary of its founding, Shimano established a new corporate brand logo featuring a tricolor line, which represents Shimano’s corporate mission: “To promote health and happiness through the enjoyment of nature and the world around us.”

At the same time, we started the Shimano Tricolor Project to promote activities related to nature and people in line with the corporate mission. The themes of the project are “environment,” “society,” and “culture.”

Since Shimano’s products are basically used in natural settings, as a corporate citizen, Shimano will continue to engage in activities to help build a sustainable society. The themes of these activities are as follows:

  • Environment:
    preserving a beautiful global environment
  • Society:
    supporting healthy and safe daily lives of people
  • Culture:
    promoting cultural creation
  • Preserving a beautiful global environment
    Striving to preserve the natural setting is a basic responsibility for Shimano, since protecting the natural environment is a prerequisite for enjoying outdoor sports.
  • Supporting healthy and safe daily lives of people
    To achieve mutual prosperity, Shimano is working to maintain close communication with local communities and to support healthy and safe daily lives of people as a corporate citizen.
  • Promoting cultural creation
    Shimano’s products are designed to enable their users to enjoy cycling and fishing to their hearts’ content. It is an important part of Shimano’s mission to convey the fun and excitement of these activities and to offer the opportunity to enjoy them to as many people as possible.