2022/9/1Shimano Racing Team Visits an After-school Room at an Elementary School to Give a Lecture and Hands-on Experience

On Tuesday, July 26, 2022, Shimano Racing Team visited an after-school room at an elementary school in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture to present a lecture as part of the city’s Program for Learning Support from Companies. At the “Let's touch and feel a road bike!” lecture, Hidenori Nodera, the sports director of this cycling team, made a presentation on the outline and appeal of road bike racing, the relationship between Sakai City and bicycles, and how to ride a bicycle safely. In the latter part of the lecture, the students split into groups to gather around a road bike and interact with riders from the team. The lecture offered a hands-on experience where the riders let the children lift a bike and straddle the saddle. The students made comments on the lecture, mentioning their surprise at the deep relationship between Sakai and bicycles and the lightness of a road bike for racing. SHIMANO INC. will continue to support the revitalization of school education activities and community activities through the dissemination of bicycle culture.