2022/10/12Holding the 37th Shimano Suzuka Road for the First Time in Three Years

On August 20 (Sat.) and 21 (Sun.), Shimano Inc. held a road race festival at Suzuka Circuit in Mie Prefecture, where everyone from beginners to advanced racers enjoyed themselves. At this event, Virtual Shimano Suzuka Road was held concurrently with the real event, enabling online participation from anywhere. In addition, at this event, we took on new challenges; for example, we expanded the range of races live-streamed on YouTube to cover all the races held over the two days. Furthermore, Shimano Suzuka Road Race Classic, a race sanctioned by the Japan Cycling Federation (JCF), was also held, allowing spectators to experience the high-level, exciting race up close. The booths set up by sponsoring companies were also well received, offering an opportunity for sports bike fans to learn about new products. This year, we welcomed a total of 6,449 participants over the two days. The bright smiles of participants enjoying sports cycling at the vibrant venue gave us overwhelming joy at being able to hold the event for the first time in three years.
For many years, Shimano has been involved in hosting not only cycle races but also events like this, “handmade” by its employees, with the aim of communicating the appeal of cycling by providing a wide range of bike users with opportunities to enjoy cycling. We will continue to work on making this event even more enjoyable for everyone.