2022/12/15Shimano Racing Team Visits an Elementary School to Give an Interactive Lecture

On Thursday, November 17, 2022, Shimano Racing Team presented the “Let’s touch and feel a road bike!” lecture at an elementary school in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture as part of the city’s Program for Learning Support from Companies. Hidenori Nodera, the sports director of the bicycle road race team, gave a presentation on the history of Sakai and the relationship between the city and bicycles to 71 students. Then, the students split into groups, and eight riders from the team explained the characteristics of road bike for racing in a fun way.
After the lecture, the students made a number of appreciative comments. One said, “I learned about the connection between Sakai and kitchen knives in another lecture. I’m glad to know the knives are also connected to the bicycle industry, too.” Another student commented, “I enjoyed the experience of straddling a bicycle (road bike) different in shape from the one I ride.”
SHIMANO INC. will continue its activities to disseminate bicycle culture.