2023/3/8Activities to Reduce CO2 Emissions


We have worked to reduce CO2 emissions by developing a highly-efficient, waste-free manufacturing system that reduces energy consumption, and by promoting a transition to renewable energy.

Our use of electricity derived from renewable energy sources, which began in 2021, will continue in 2022, and 99% of the electricity used at our domestic manufacturing sites is now covered by electricity derived from renewable energy sources.
We are also actively adopting renewable energy at our overseas production sites.

At our new Singapore plant, which began full-scale operations in 2022, energy consumption has been reduced by approximately 30% compared to the former plant through steps such as optimizing energy efficiency with a monitoring system, and switching all lighting to LEDs. In addition, the spacious biotope on the roof of the plant and abundant plantings inside and around the exterior are symbols of a green plant.

We will continue to make company-wide efforts to achieve highly-efficient manufacturing and actively work to reduce total energy consumption.

Shimano Singapore Intelligent Plant