2023/4/24Shimonoseki Factory New infrastructure boosts energy efficiency, enhances safety


The global environment is the arena for outdoor sporting activities. As such, and in line with Shimano Tricolor Project policies, we are striving to reduce the burden on that environment.
Activities under way at the Shimonoseki Factory are an example of these efforts.
In 2022, we started replacing conventional fossil fuel-powered combustion furnaces used in annealing (metal heat treatment) processes with new electric furnaces that release considerably less CO2.
Moreover, we use power generated by renewable energy sources to reduce CO2 emissions further, and are collaborating to identify additional ways to boost energy efficiency.

Our new infrastructure is also enhancing quality and safety.
In particular, electric furnace specifications were modified to prioritize operator safety. Manual crane operation, an essential aspect of conventional furnaces, has been replaced by automated equipment to reduce risk further.
Going forward, the Shimonoseki Factory will continue working to reduce its environmental impact and help create a beautiful, favorable global environment.

Shimonoseki Factory