2021/12/7SHIMANO (SINGAPORE) PTE. LTD. (Shimano Singapore)
Introduction of Pre-order System to Employee Cafeteria and Food Waste Recycling


In 2019, Shimano Singapore introduced a food pre-order system to its employee cafeteria to reduce food waste produced in the cafeteria. The pre-order system, which enables employees to order their favorite meals in advance according to their work schedules, allows the staff of the cafeteria to know the amount of food that will be necessary prior to procurement, thereby reducing food waste.
Moreover, in 2021, the company undertook a project to transform food waste into organic fertilizer. On the premises of Shimano Singapore, we installed a rapid digester, which can turn food waste into organic fertilizer in 24 hours. The fertilizer produced will be used as nutrients for trees planted on the premises.
Shimano Singapore will continue its efforts to reduce and recycle food waste.

The staff feed food waste into the digester to transform it into organic fertilizer.

The organic fertilizer produced will be used when trees are planted on the premises.