2022/6/24The MLIT’s “Bicycle Commute Promoting Company” Declaration Project Certifies Shimano as an “Excellent Company”


In its “Bicycle Commute Promoting Company” Declaration Project, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) certifies companies and organizations that actively promote bicycle commuting. In May 2022, the MLIT certified Shimano Inc. as an “Excellent Company” for its outstanding efforts among such companies.

Shimano was commended for “having set up a website dedicated to bicycle commuting (Japanese only) for the general public to visualize the benefits of bicycle commuting on scientific grounds, and actively share information on bicycle parking lots, bicycle insurance, and anti-theft measures; helping its employees with purchasing a helmet for commuting by bicycle to support employee safety; developing a favorable environment for bicycle commuting, including the installation of bathing facilities and locker rooms; and holding in-house courses for hands-on learning, including how to fix a flat tire.

Bicycle parking lot in the Welfare Building, Head Office (Sakai City)

Large public bath in the Welfare Building, Head Office (Sakai City)

In-house sports-bicycle course for beginners

As a bicycle parts manufacturer, Shimano will continue to focus on activities to improve bicycle culture, while steadily promoting the use of bicycles, a vehicle that contributes to global environmental conservation and people’s health.

Award ceremony held at the MLIT (leftmost: General Affairs Section Manager, Shimano Inc.)