Proposes an Enriched Lifestyle that Contains Cycling by Redefining the Value of Cycling




In January 2006, Shimano established Life Creation Space OVE to further develop cycling culture and to provide a wider range of people, including those who have never ridden a bicycle, with opportunities to learn about the pleasure of cycling.
“OVE” stands for the three elements: Opportunities, Value and Ease. It is also infused with the idea of growing beyond one’s current self and pursuing a more attractive lifestyle. This “life creation space” helps visitors discover or learn something new through encounters with various goods, experiences and people. The facility has a café filled with carefully selected furniture and variety of daily use items, and holds various seminars and other events. Through these activities, Life Creation Space OVE aims to redefine the value of cycling, improve the social standing of cycling, and eventually create a new cycling culture.
Life Creation Space OVE aims to share value with and connect to many people by providing them with opportunities to encounter various goods and experiences. The pillar of this facility’s activities is the planning and operation of activities to propose a new way of enjoying a bicycle ride called sanso (stroll-riding). Through the café, events and other means of approaching a wider range of customers, Life Creation Space OVE proposes ways of enriching and enjoying life.


Interest Awakened by Cycling
The concept of sanso values the pleasure of encounters with goods, experiences and history while riding a bicycle around the neighborhood as if taking a stroll. This proposal of a new lifestyle came from the idea that riding a bicycle makes your life more enriched, intellectual and healthy.


A Space for Encounters with a Healthy Diet, Goods and Experiences
The café uses fresh ingredients from traceable growers and serves meals with reduced food waste. In the belief that diet is important for everyone, the café proposes not only eating delicious food but also eating healthy meals and slow food.


Gatherings to Provide Motivation
Through the various events it holds, Life Creation Space OVE makes suggestions for an enriched life in addition to sanso, or a unique idea of proposing a lifestyle that contains cycling.
Its cultural events that are seemingly unrelated to cycling motivate visitors to develop a habit of cycling by stimulating their interest in their daily lives.
OVE Lectures
Life Creation Space OVE holds lectures for participants to acquire practical skills and knowledge about bicycle maintenance, helping those who are interested in sport bikes add cycling to their daily lives easily. For example, the Hands-on Lesson with a Test Rides covers the characteristics of sport bikes, how to select one, and how to wear a helmet.

Recently Expanding Activities of Life Creation Space OVE

Community Meetings
With the growth of environmental awareness, aging population, and concentration of the population in large cities, an increasing number of municipalities have been considering the utilization of bicycles. Taking this opportunity, Life Creation Space OVE has been regularly holding community meetings as a place for participants to share community issues and the results of the community’s efforts to solve these issues and to discuss them together and learn from each other.
“Social × Sanso” Planning Contest
Life Creation Space OVE held a contest of plans for programs that combined sanso with the social aspect of products, companies and communities. Contestants discussed together the social meaning and usage of sanso and cycling.