Conveying the Fascination of High-quality Cycling and Fishing as an Urban “Platform for Intellectual Creation and Exchange”




In February 2017, SHIMANO SQUARE opened as a place for “encounters,” “experiencing value,” “having a moving experience,” and “physical and mental relaxation.” It is located in Knowledge Capital in the Grand Front Osaka commercial complex in Kita-ku, Osaka City. Taking advantage of its location in the center of one of Japan’s biggest cities, where many people come and go, SHIMANO SQUARE proposes a new urban sport lifestyle through cycling and fishing and aims to promote the cultural value that Shimano creates and the excellence of its products. This facility has a café, a library, a gallery that features cycling and fishing, and a store that sells stylish items that improve quality of your urban life.
It also actively holds lectures, workshops, and sanso and other cycling events. Themed on an urban “platform for intellectual creation and exchange,” SHIMANO SQUARE makes efforts to convey the fascination of cycling and fishing to more people.

Events that Appeal to a Broad Range of People and Focus on Proposing Experiences

SHIMANO SQUARE holds a variety of events that feature cycling and fishing.
For a wide range of participants, from beginners to the advanced, the facility holds events that share how to enjoy cycling and fishing, lectures on functions of and stories behind products, and workshops on maintenance and know-how, conveying from diversified viewpoints the value, high quality and culture that cycling and fishing provide.
SHIMANO SQUARE also holds outdoor hands-on events featuring sanso.
Themed on urban sports, the facility proposes an urban lifestyle with cycling and fishing.
Sanso is a concept of riding a bicycle to go wherever your fancy leads you, as if taking a stroll to enjoy wandering around the city. SHIMANO SQUARE holds events into which this concept from Life Creation Space OVE is turned, which combine bicycle ride with something extra: an encounter with a new hands-on experience, such as touring bakeries and doing yoga.
Fishing Classes
SHIMANO SQUARE holds a wide range of in-depth classes, including introductory classes in different fishing categories for beginners to give it a try easily, technical classes to learn about stories behind the manufacturing of reels and rods, and practical classes where product planning and development personnel lecture on maintenance.
E-bike Riding and Fishing
At this unique cycling event, participants ride to a fishing spot deep in the mountains on an e-bike and enjoy fishing there. They can appreciate the charm of the local scenery while feeling comfortable on an e-bike, refreshed by cycling, and excited by fishing.
Bicycle Classes
SHIMANO SQUARE holds workshops for entry- to intermediate-level cyclists on maintenance like puncture repair and tips for components upgrades as well as classes that share ways of having fun, such as how to combine a trip with cycling and how to enjoy watching a road bike race. Evening classes on weekdays are popular because of easy participation after work.

Features of the Facility


Spend Quality Time, Surrounded by Books on Bicycles and Fishing
A library-equipped relaxing space where visitors can enjoy reading various books on bicycles and fishing. What is served here is of Shimano quality. There is an open shelf that is designed to give customers a glimpse of the exhibits behind it, inviting the customers to the world of cycling and fishing.


Products Exhibited to Demonstrate Shimano’s Commitment to Manufacturing
A wide range of products are exhibited there, from Shimano’s earliest models that can be seen nowhere else around the world to generations of its flagship models and the latest products. Moreover, components disassembled to exhibit the details inside demonstrate elaborate manufacturing in an artistic way and Shimano’s history of challenging itself.


Display of the Fascination of Fishing and the Pleasure of Connecting with Nature
This gallery demonstrates the appealing beauty of Shimano products that fit in various fishing situations in and outside Japan. This area also shows the inner structure of reels and how to cook seasonal fish, digging deep into the profound cultural aspects of fishing.


Bicycle and Fishing Experts Always Ready for Help “Concierges” Are Always at the Service of Visitors
They not only comment on exhibits but also answer elementary to technical questions about bicycles and fishing tackle. They also give a wide range of advice and answers to questions about cycling courses recommendations and fishing spot information.
Life Style Store is a place to find sophisticated special items. It sells selected highly stylish goods that add quality to an urban lifestyle.